Halloween mini Halloween Applique 
Wall Hanging or Banner

designed by Susan Druding

I found some clip art with Halloween images that I re-designed into an applique pattern for a banner or wall hanging for Halloween. I used Electric Quilt 4.0 to design each of the applique blocks for this. I'd recommend that you use a quick applique method such as a fusible web with paper backing such as Wonder-Under or Heat 'n Bond to make this project. If you trace each pattern piece onto the paper backing, cut it out and fuse it to the fabric before cutting, you can assemble this entire project in a few hours. Embellish with a little embroidery or fabric paint or stitching with machine or by hand. You could also make this partially or entirely in felt rather than fabric.

Halloween applique

You can make this hanging any size, I'd planned that each image (the cat, the ghost, the bat and the pumpkin) should be enlarged with a copy machine to fit onto an 8.5" x 11" size paper. The whole project then would be about 24-28" wide and 22-24" high depending on spacing and the size of the background.

Plus, here's a set 
of paper pieced 
Halloween blocks.

A black cat and 
several pumpkins 

You will need 4 pieces of "base fabrics" approximately 14" x 10" on which to mount the applique images. In the drawing above I use two pieces of "night sky blue", and an orange and a rust. Of course, you may use any colors you like. I'd recommend that if you use a print, that it be a tone-on-tone and small print so that it reads as a solid, otherwise the images won't show up clearly. You can leave the edges raw, or turn them under when fusing or basting to the background.

The deep navy background on which the four base fabric pieces are mounted can be felt or fabric and needs to have a hanging sleeve sewn at the top to put a rod into. You may fuse or baste stitch the 4 base fabric onto the background after they are complete. I show the tip of the cat's tail and a little bit of one bat's wing overlapping other blocks. I think this helps to tie the image together, but it's not necessary to do this.

Go Here to see Enlarged versions
 of each Base Fabric block with the applique images in place in full color.

Go Here to get black-&-white templates
 to print for a copy machine  enlargement to make pattern pieces.

Susan Druding, 
Email: quilting -at- equilters.com

copyright 2000 Susan C. Druding