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Making the Picket Fence Block


The easiest way to make this Picket Fence Block is to use rotary cutting and a quick sewing method to make the Half Square Triangle blocks (HST's). There is an earlier article I've written here on various ways to make half square triangles - see several HST methods here.

The Picket Fence Block could be any size, for this example I am using a 9 inch finished size. This means that each square in the block is 3.5 inches before sewing and 3 inches after sewing.

Below is a cutting diagram for sewing the block.
Cut 6 squares that are 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

To make the 3 Half Square Triangle (HST) blocks, cut 2 squares, each 3-7/8" square of each fabric.
Make pairs, one of each color, right sides together. Draw or crease a line diagonally from corner to corner.
Now sew 2 seams 1/4" from each side of the creased or drawn line. Cut along the line and you will have 2 HST's made. Sew the second pair and cut and you will now have 2 more HST's. Press the seams toward the darker half of the HST.

Sew the 9 squares together to form the Picket Fence Block. Sewing each row of 3 and then combining the 3 rows, matching the seams, will make the most accurate block.

Below are 2 different examples of quilts you can make with just this one block in a 2-color combination,  repeated and arranged in different ways with some sashing added.














Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 5.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

copyright 2004-2006 Susan C. Druding

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