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Transfer Printed
Women Commemorated
by Susan Druding

Women Commemorated
approx. 30" x 30"
Transfer printed images onto cotton fabric

This quilt honors a wide variety of women, both real and fictional. A few of these are "real" stamps, but more are made by me by taking a real stamp, removing the center image and replacing it with a woman's image. There was an extra challenge when I began making the stamps (which are all "stamp size") for this quilt. My scanner was out of order and I gathered all the   images from the Web. I visited stamp collecting sites for the stamps and many sites for the women's photos.

womncommfull.jpg (75678 bytes)            

women_det1.jpg (37061 bytes)I used a Canon Bubblejet printer (an old cheap one which I've now replaced with a better Epson). The slight lack of definition in some images was due to the low resolution printer and not the transfer process, but all-in-all the results were quite good considering these images started out on the Web in low resolution format and had a lot of graphic manipulation done to make the "stamp size". I used hot peel transfer paper for this project in 1997 as there was no cold peel yet available.

Each stamp image was reversed before printing onto transfer paper, then transferred using a hot iron onto pima cotton fabric and was cut out and appliquéd onto the base "patch" printed fabric.  I used a 9-patch arrangement for the stamps on the patch and for the 9 patches on the base. The edges of the patches were machine embroidered to remind of the serrated edges of stamps. I also made some "cancellation marks" which were appliquéd onto the patches in a few places showing the date I finished the quilt: May 1, 1997.

 women_patch1.jpg (47718 bytes)












Here's a list of the women on these "stamps":

Susan B. Anthony
Anti-Nuclear Woman - New Zealand
Anita Baker
Josephine Baker
Simone de Beauvoir
Breast Cancer stamp
Rachel Carson
Judy Chicago
Agatha Christie
Hillary Clinton
Bessie Coleman
Amelia Earhart
Sylvia Earle ("Her Deepness")
Ella Fitzgerald
Whoopie Goldberg
Emma Goldman
Alice Hamilton, MD
Billie Holiday
Jane Addams Hull
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Frieda Kahlo
Helen Keller
Coretta Scott King
Eartha Kitt
Sung San Sun Kyi (Burma) Nobel Prizewinner
Princess Leia
Captain Marvel (female)
Rigoberta Menchu (Guatemala) Nobel Prizewinner
Marilyn Monroe
Minnie Mouse
Nancy (of the comics)
Kim Novak
Olympic Woman Runner
Olympic Woman Volleyball
Rosa Parks
Alice Paul
Emma Peel
Edith Piaf
Rosa Ponselle
Queen Elizabeth
Eleanor Roosevelt
Margaret Sanger
Nina Simone
Gloria Steinhem
Yma Sumac
Take Our Daughters to Work
Women's Vote 1846 - New Zealand
Wonder Woman

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Susan Druding

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