Easy Log Cabin Quilts
Arranging Courthouse Steps blocks
part 5 of article

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This is part five of log cabin article:
Various quilt top layouts for courthouse steps arrangements

Here are some sample coloring for log cabin blocks sewn in courthouse steps sequence and below them are lots of ways to arrange these blocks in quilt tops.

1. (above) 7 x 8 blocks - 84" x 96" plus border arranged to group blue color into small motifs on the yellow background.

2. (above) 6 x 7 blocks - 72" x 84" plus borders same layout of blocks as in #1, but in totally different colors. Here the brighter rose colors form the "positive" design and seem to form columns.

3. (above) 6 x 7 blocks - 72" x 84" plus border uses the same blocks as in #2 above, but every other block is rotated 1/4 turn. The addition of a thin white sashing isolates each block motif here and lightens the overall look.

4. (above) 6 x 7 blocks - 72" x 84" plus borders uses the same blocks as in #3 above. But, this time blocks are all point in the same direction with the sashing being white horizontally and purple vertically.


5.  4 x 4 blocks  (above) - 48" x 48" with a thin sashing. Blocks are in rows alternating direction by 1/4 turn in each row.


6. 4 x 4 blocks  (above) - 48" x 48" the same block arrangement as quilt #2 but changing the color family and adding a thin dark blue sashing between the blocks gives a very different look.

7. 4 x 4 blocks  (above) - 48" x 48" with blocks alternating in 1/4 turns, a red center instead of yellow and a thin red sashing from the quilt in #7 above produces a very different look. This could be done in reds and greens with holiday fabric for a nice Christmas wall quilt.


8. 4 x 4 blocks  (above) - this is the same quilt as #7 but without the red sashing. Even this small change gives a different look!


9.  4 x 4 blocks  (above) - 48" x 48" with an arrangement similar to quilt #1 but in a different colorway and bolder due to fewer blocks. This would make a nice wall hanging quilt.

And, of course, a completely different look could be obtained by combining the log cabin sewn blocks and the courthouse steps sewn blocks in one quilt.

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This is Page five: courthouse steps style blocks: sample quilt layouts

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All graphics of blocks and quilts were prepared with Electric Quilt Program by the author.

2003 copyright   Susan C. Druding

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