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Half Log Cabin Block in 2 Styles
A Free Log Cabin Quilt Pattern


I seem to have more email asking about variations on log cabin blocks than any other category of quilt blocks. I have a detailed article about making classic log cabin blocks and quilts here, but haven't put up any of the many variations. So, it seems time for one: here is a half log cabin block in two variations. These are fun and fast to make.

Below are the two block outlines:
The top block half log block is the standard one with the logs all the same size.
The block under that is a variation where I've made one side of the logs a little more narrow and it gives the block a little more "texture" when they are all grouped together.


Below are color versions of these same two blocks.


Are you New to Log Cabin block sewing?
Rather than repeat the cutting and sewing instructions in this article, I'm recommending that you read the first 2-3 parts of the Easy Log Cabin block article I wrote previously for understanding how to rotary cut and sew the block. The instructions are for standard log cabin blocks, 12" sewn size, but the basic technique will be similar to what we'll use here for the Half Log Cabin blocks. Click HERE to read this previous article. One thing to point out, you will NOT be cutting the logs into short lengths in this method. You merely sew from long strips and cut after sewing. This makes for much better accuracy and keeps the blocks from "shrinking" in size.

Go to Part Two of this Article
 to see the measurements for the Strips to be Cut 

Here are some Sample Quilt top layouts 
using the half log cabin blocks in many different arrangements

Quilt blocks images were prepared with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.


copyright 2001-2005 Susan C. Druding - please don't reproduce this Half Log Cabin project in print or electronic media without permission.

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