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Introduction - Piecemakers' Guild Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt #4

This Mystery is now complete
and all parts are online. I'll be leaving it up so you can sew the quilt, even if you have arrived late to the mystery posting.

by Penny Pennington

What is a “Mystery Quilt?” A quilt pattern that is introduced one step at a time, participants follow the directions without knowing the final result until the last clue is unveiled.

For further information and links to and about Mystery quilts - see this earlier article.

Who does Mystery Quilts? Quilters with a sense of adventure! Mystery quilts are great for guild functions (i.e., retreats, one day workshops, etc.). They also work well introduced one step at a time through guild newsletters, at meetings, or on the internet.


What do I need to know about this quilt?
Number of clues:   6
Frequency of clues:  every two weeks first clue revealed on March 11 [Complete now online]
Block size:  blocks will finish to 8” in the quilt (8-1/2” unfinished)
Number of blocks in quilt:  wall hanging: 25 blocks (5 x 5) or laptop quilt: 35 blocks (5 x 7)
Finished size of quilt:  wall hanging size: 40” x 40” WITHOUT borders, laptop quilt: 40” x 56” WITHOUT borders
Difficulty of quilt:  Learning experience for beginners (working with points and half-square triangles). Fun for experienced quilters (and a great way to use up that accumulated scrap stash)!
What are the fabric requirements for this mystery quilt?  Good contrast between light and dark fabrics is suggested. You may choose either a light or dark background. Instructions will show a light background.

The following are the suggested quantities:


  Fat Eighths
(Contrasting Fabric)  

  Background Fabric  
wall hanging 

8 (1 yd if only using two
colors in the quilt)
1 to 1-1/2 yds
lap quilt

14 (1-3/4 yd if only using two
colors in the quilt)

2 yds

Note: The fabric requirements shown above are ONLY for the pieced portion of the quilt top. You will want to purchase at least another 1/3 yard (1/2 yard for laptop quilt) for plain borders. If you are going to make pieced borders, you will want a couple more fat eighths.

If you have a large “scrap stash,” this is a really fun quilt to make with scraps. You may choose to make the top from all scraps for both the dark and light fabrics; or use dark scraps and one single light background fabric.

Remember that “light” or “background” fabric in a quilt can be something other than white or cream colored fabric.

The six parts of this Mystery Quilt will be published as PDF files for you to download and print out every other week.


  Clue #1 is here 

 Clue #2 is here 

 Clue #3 is here 

 Photos of Clues #2 and #3 sewn here

 Clue #4 is here

 Clue #5 is here

 Photos of sewn Clue #5 are here

 Clue #6 is here - The Last Clue

Thank you Penny!


I hope those of you making this Mystery will email some photos to share of your finished top.
  Tell me where you live and a bit of comment and we'll put these in a Mystery #4 Gallery here.
Send photos to:
quilting -at- equilters.com

Penny Pennington, 2002
This pattern is free for your use as an individual, but please contact Penny if you wish to use it for more than just your own use. It should not be re-printed in any form without permission.

We'd like to give a big Thank You to Penny Pennington and her Guild in California for sharing this mystery quilt pattern with all of us. You can read about Penny in her comments and bio here.

Penny is happy to allow guilds and groups to use her pattern, but PLEASE email Penny for her guidelines for use. And, she'd enjoy hearing how it's being used, too.


Susan Druding

copyright 1998-2005 Susan C. Druding
For Permission to use my pattern for your Quilt Guild or Group, please write me at quilting -at- equilters.com (replace the -at- with @)

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