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Four Star Square Mystery Quilt
a free mystery quilt pattern

[Further parts of this pattern are here : 2 34,   5,  6 and 7]

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Ideas for Enlarging the Quilt

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While I was posting earlier Parts of this mystery I heard from a few quilters saying they wanted to make a larger quilt using this layout and technique - but wanting suggestions.

Here's some ideas - if you have some to share let me know and I'll add them:

1. For a twin bed size or child's quilt - use fun fabrics with a theme the child would like (maybe Hoffman 'outerspace' fabric for the background fabric and metallic prints for the stars?). Add one more pair of Star Blocks to lengthen the proportions from a square to a rectangle. Then just keep adding borders until you reach the desired size.

2. Since this finished top is 40 x 40 inches if you make four of them and add some sashing between them you will have a full bed size done or close to a queen size. Just toss on one more border around the whole quilt to finish.

I'm just finishing a queen sized quilt for my son using this star technique - I'll post some photos of it soon to show what I've done. I used the center of each star as a theme fabric of something of interest to my son (music, diving, fish, lions, and more). I scattered the stars with four patch blocks of the same size all over the surface. It was fun to do and I built it as I went.

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4starcntr.gif (2055 bytes)


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Susan Druding

If you want to see
two sample images of finished
Four Star Square tops, Go Here.

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Susan Druding

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