Four Star Square Mystery Quilt
a free mystery quilt pattern

Part Three of Four Star Mystery Quilt

Part Four is Here  

[Further parts of this pattern are here : 2,  3,   5,   6,  and last is 7.]

So Far? In Part Two you cut squares from all the strips of four fabrics. In Part Three you will sort these squares. I'll have you sewing soon! I'll be posting Part 4 in a few days, but since I had all the sorting figured out I thought I'd post it now.

Part 3 of Four Star Square

In part 2 you put the squares you cut into sandwich baggies. You'll sort those squares now to be ready to sew. You'll need a few more empty baggies now. I'm sounding a bit compulsive about sorting each batch, but it will make the sewing part much, much easier!

Try to keep the squares all flat as you put them in the baggies. Avoid getting them all rumpled and folded.


Find the 4 Fabric A squares which are 4.5" x 4.5".   Put each of these squares into a separate baggie and add 8 matching (in the same fabric as the 4.5" squares) 2.5" x 2.5" squares. You will thus be removing 32 of the 124 - 2.5" squares you have cut. Now to each of the baggies add 4 of the 4.5" squares of Fabric B.

You will have 4 baggies for this part now and each baggie will have:
   1- 4.5" square Fabric A
   8- 2.5" squares Matching Fabric A
   4- 4.5" squares Fabric B (mixed if you did "scrappy" look)


All of the Fabric B squares will have the same combination of 2.5" squares sewn to each square.  If you used a "scrappy mix" for each of Fabrics A and B this is a time to mix them.

Take all 28 of the 4.5" squares of Fabric C and add 28 each of the 2.5" squares of Fabric A and 28 of the 2.5" squares of Fabric B in the baggie with them (you might want to use a larger baggie, perhaps a 1 quart baggie for this? Or, you might want to divide these into two batches of 14 and 14 if you prefer.)


Now your D Fabric (which is the striped fabric if you used stripes). Take 4 of the 36 4.5" squares of D Fabric and put them in a baggie - add 4 of the 2.5" squares of Fabric A to this baggie. Put in a slip of paper labeled "D-Corners".

[Confession Time: I mis-counted the 2.5" squares of Fabric A - you needed 128 and I had you cut 124, sorry! You should have some part of the 2.5" wide A Strips left? Cut 4 more 2.5" x 2.5 " squares of Fabric A, please. I corrected the number in Part 2 on 8/21/98 so you will see the 128 number now.]

Now, take the remaining 32 squares of 4.5" Fabric D. Take the last 64 - 2.5" squares of Fabric A and add to the baggie. (Again, if you want to divide this into 2 parts in 2 baggies you can.)

Next time - Sewing Starts!                    

Four Star Mystery Part 4 is  here. 


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