Four Star Square Mystery Quilt
a free mystery quilt pattern

Part Six of Four Star Mystery Quilt

Part Seven (the last part) is Here  

[Further parts of this pattern are here : 2 34,   5 and last is 7.]

So Far? In Part Five you started sewing groups of blocks together. In this Part you will put more blocks in groups:

1. You will be assembling a lot of pairs from combinations of 2 blocks:

The Fabric D (striped) block with corners attached and the Fabric C (plaid) with corners at opposite corners.

myst_Dblock.gif (874 bytes)

This Fabric D block

myst_kansas.gif (2450 bytes)

This Fabric C Block


You will sew these two blocks together
in two different orientations:

Your fabrics may vary from these,
but the orientations shown below
as A and B below will hold true for your blocks, too.

Orientation A: 

fabricDflip.gif (539 bytes)fabricCflip.gif (2037 bytes)


Make 12 pairs in the Orientation A.

Your corners should line up better than I show in this pair of blocks above. My graphics aren't drawn completely to scale. I suggest you put a pin in the center where the corners meet and then line up the edges to sew.

Orientation B: 

fabricDflip.gif (539 bytes)wpeB6.jpg (5377 bytes)

Make 16 pairs in Orientation B.

2. Now you will sew two other blocks
together and make four pairs (corners):

Now take the 4 "Corner Blocks" that look like this ( and have only one corner triangle):Mystery D Block (6098 bytes)


And sew FOUR pairs with the Fabric D blocks used above in this 
Orientation C:

wpeB7.jpg (6098 bytes)


Put these 4 corner Blocks back into a baggie

3. Combining 3 pairs each of
Orientation A and B pairs from #1 above:


Pull out 3 each of Orientation A and Orientation B block pairs from #1 above.
Sew first into pairs of 1 A + 1 B so that they look like this:

You will now have 3 of the above A + B combinations.
Combine these 3 into a strip that looks like this:

A plus B three times gif (6566 bytes)

Make three more of these
so you will have a total of 4 strips looking like the above in orientation.

One more part of this free mystery quilt pattern left - Part 7!

Part 7 - the Final Chapter - is Here

susansig.gif (552 bytes)

Susan Druding