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Four Star Square Mystery Quilt
a free mystery quilt pattern

Part Seven (the Final Part) of Four Star Mystery Quilt

[Further parts of this pattern are here : 2 34,   5 and 6 ]

To return to Part One of this Mystery Quilt - go HERE

So Far? In this Part 7 you will put more blocks in groups, assemble these and finish the quilt! There are suggestions for making this  40 x 40 inch quilt larger for use as a bed quilt as well.

1. Finally the Stars!

You still have 4 sets of 3 strips each in the Deep B and Bright A colors from Part 5 of the Mystery. You will now assemble these into the Star Blocks.

It is important when you do this sewing that the corners of color A (the bright-light color) meet perfectly to form the star. This block is worth pinning and easing if necessary to make sure these corners match. The contrast between the bright fabric and the deep "B" background means if the corners are off they will show a lot!

Here is what your finished star block will look like:

Mystery Star Block

Assemble all four of them now. Press these star block seams. When you have all four, put them into a larger square grouping that will look like this:

Mystery Star BlockMystery Star Block
Mystery Star BlockMystery Star Block

This group will be referred to as the Four Star Center. I have deliberately left a thin white line to show you the divisions. These are not going to exist in your sewn block group. Press all seams.

2. At the end of Part 6 you made 4 strips that look like this:

A plus B three times gif (6566 bytes)

Press strips. Take these 4 strips and lay them around the edges of the Four Star Center. You will now be checking to see if the lengths of the strips match (as they should) the lengths of the sides of the Four Star Center unit. The striped edges got to the outside, the blue triangles form the edge joining the Four Star Center group.

Pick up one strip at a time and finding the center seam pin it, right sides facing, along one edge of the Four Star Center group matching the centers. Now place a pin at each end of the strip matching the end of the strip and the end of the Four Square Center group. Place another 2 pins, one each in the middle between the center and each end. Lay the pinned piece flat and look at it and "feel" where you will sew the seam. Do they match up nicely or is one (either the strip of the center unit too long)?

Do this with each strip along all four sides. You can switch strips around for a better fit if it helps.

Since you sewed the same number of units in the strips as you did the Four Star Center group (ie. you sewed 6 of the originally cut blocks in each length) you should have a good match in length. If your 1/4 inch seams were very off you may have a poor match. If the lengths are within 1/4 - 1/2 of matching you should be able to "ease" the seams by pinning in smaller and smaller subunits before sewing - Note: Do NOT sew now!

See this page for ideas for adjusting lengths where they are off by more than 1/2 inch.

3. Sewing the first two strips to the Four Star Center group

When you are satisfied that your strips are going to sew evenly to the Center group, remove 2 strips pinned to opposite sides.  On the strips left (pinned to opposite sides of the Center) adjust pinning where necessary, try to match the Fabric "A" (bright-light) where it forms diamonds so the edges line up evenly. Now, sew ONLY these 2 strips to opposite sides of the Four Star Center.

4. Finishing the remaining two strips

Take the out the 4 blocks (sewn from 2 smaller blocks) labeled "corner" that look similar to this image below:
[If you used stripes, your stripes may be running  perpendicular (as here) or parallel, either is OK].

myst_Dblock.gif (874 bytes)Mystery D Block (6098 bytes)

You should have 4 "Orientation B" blocks left from Part 6 that look like this:

fabricDflip.gif (539 bytes)Kansas rotated block (5377 bytes)

You will sew these 2 pairs of blocks together to make larger 4 blocks
that look like the combination below.
We will call these the Corner Units.

myst_Dblock_dwn.gif (559 bytes)myst_D1block_dwn.gif (873 bytes)
fabricDflip.gif (539 bytes)Kansas rotated block (5377 bytes)


Now you will sew these 4 Corner Units to each end of 2 of the Strips which you unpinned in #3 above.
The orientation will look like this:

Press all seams neatly.

Long Mystery Border Gif

[Are you saying - "Ah ha!" at this point?]

5. Sewing the last two seams

Pin these last two strips again along the remaining opposite sides of Four Star Center and to the ends where they will meet the strips you just sewed to opposite sides. Pin evenly at block joins all along the edge.

SEW this LAST Seam!

you have finished the Four Square Star Mystery Top.

Ideas for Making a Large Quilt from this Mystery are HERE

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Four Star Square tops, Go Here.

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