"Four Star Square"
A Mystery Quilt - Part 7

"How-to"Notes if your widths don't match in final assembly.

This is a How To suggestion if the width of your border strips doesn't match your Four Star Center section (due to your not sewing the 1/4" seams all the same).

If your edges do not match:

1. If the Four Star Center is wider than your strips: Unpin the strips from each side and now you can (with a long quilting ruler) shave off a very small amount of the Fabric "B" deep blocks from either side of the Four Star Center. You will take 1/2 of the amount of excess width from EACH SIDE of the center using a rotary cutter. Be VERY CAREFUL not to remove too much. You should not need to remove more than 1/8" from each side.)

2. If the Four Star Center is narrower than the end strips: Unpin the strips. You should have 4 extra "B" Deep Fabric plain, unsewn blocks left over from the early cutting of fabric. Sew 3 of these into one strip of 3 block and slice it up the middle to make 2 narrower strips of 3 - half-blocks. Now sew them end-to-end to make a long strip of 6 - half-blocks which should match the length of one edge of the Four Star Center block. You can use this strip to sew to one side - trim off leaving 1/2 " new added to one side. Go to the other side of the Four Star Center and do the same. Now you need to add the same amount to the other two sides of the Center. You will need to lengthen your "add on" Fabric "B" strip by the length of 4 more small blocks. Either split some from the long strip you made or use some of the Fabric "B" you may have left over to extend the strip so it is long enough to reach the full length of the long side. Again add a strip to each side to keep your stars centered.

You have now centered the original design and added a bit of width.
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Susan Druding

copyright 1998-2005 Susan C. Druding
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