Mystery Quilt 3
Fat Quarter Quilt
part 4
Assemble the Top!

Part One - Choosing the Fabric is Here    Part Two - Cutting the Fabric is Here

Part Three - Sewing the Squares     Part Three-B - Assembling the Units

This is Part 4   -   Part 5 - Border Ideas

 Assembling the Mystery Quilt Top! 

1. Using the assembled units from Part 3B 
and a one unused square you still haven't sewed. 
Use that one square as below in the middle.

middle of quilt top

2. Now assemble two of the 16-unit squares 
with one of the 2-units in the middle as below. 

Top of quilt top


3. Make one more as you did in #2 just above. 
It'll be used upside down as below.

Bottom of quilt top


4. The strip you make in #1 above will be placed between 
the two parts from #2 and #3.


The assembled parts for the Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt will look like this:

Top of quilt top
middle of quilt top
Bottom of quilt top


And after I clean up the image a bit and remove letters and lines you can see better below:

Full Top fat quarter mystery quilt


BORDER IDEAS: Using your leftover pieces to make the border 
Here are some Borders Ideas and illustrations.


If you make the Mystery Quilt #3 I'd love to have a photo for the Gallery
Email any photos and comments to  'quilting -at-'

Susan Druding

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt designed by Susan C. Druding  copyright 2000-2005  - pattern is for personal use only. It is not to be reprinted for distribution in any manner, neither on paper nor electronically by email or on other Web sites. I'm happy to have it used by Quilt Guilds - please ask me for requirements for use in guild projects.

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