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Mystery Quilt #3 "Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt" - GALLERY Page #1

Even though my "Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt #3" pattern was published in 2000, it's still popular with quilters and as photos continue to come in, I'm posting them with the quilter's comments.  The Quilt Pattern Starts HERE.

A. A Guild from Georgia made this Mystery Quilt - here are their photos.

B. The First Coast Quilters Guild of Jacksonville, Florida
Made the Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt #3 and sent lots of photos - see the photos HERE

C. Glenn Country Adult Quilting Class in Willows, California - see photos here

D. 4 Quilt photos are below on this page:

 1. Ann Layton (below)  North Carolina

After I made it I really did not like the colors together.
I decided to donate it to my guild for their "Quilts on Wheels" program.
When it was held up at the meeting there were lots of oohs and aahs. Maybe
it was prettier than I originally thought.
Ann Layton
North Carolina

(Yes, Ann, I like the color combination a lot! ~ Susan)

3. Jan Munson's Quilt
She says she plans to make another in other colors.

4. Suzanne Miller's Quilt

Here is a photo of your mystery quilt #3, wall-hanging size. Two points you might share with others. One, make sure to size your half-triangle squares to be equivalent to the other squares. Normally, this should be automatically true, given the cutting dimensions, but 1/4 inch seams can creep, so double check. Two, if using a novelty print as your medium fabric, DON'T try to fussy-cut or arrange the print to be directionally consistent. I did, not realizing the subsequent blocks would be rotated. Now my kitty cats face every direction but towards the viewer!
Thanks for the great pattern - easy yet graphic.

Suzanne Miller
Indianapolis, IN

5. Susan Hays in Corvallis, OR


I am a beginner!!! This was my very first quilting project. I had so much fun and I loved it! It's not perfect but it was the best I could do for the first time. At this moment, I haven't completed the border for the quilt top. (one step at a time). I still hope you enjoy the picture.
I love your website and all the GREAT information I can find to help me along the way as I build my quilting skills.
Thank you!

Susan Hays
Corvallis, Oregon


See more photos of finished Mystery Quilt #3 tops here (page 2 of gallery)


HERE (page 3 of gallery)


Here (page 4 of gallery)


Susan Druding

copyright 1998-2005 Susan C. Druding
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