Easy Holiday Coasters by Penny Pennington - a Gift Idea for Quilters

Penny Pennington is an active online quilter and posted a nice gift project for making coasters on Quilt Net - she kindly offered them to share with readers of these pages. Penny provided the diagrams, too.

Penny says: "they really are a fun little project, and so easy to make, and nice to give as gifts."

Penny’s Easy Holiday Coasters

You won’t believe how easy these coasters are to make, and they can all be made from your stash! They are great in holiday fabrics (Chanukah, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July) and are nice to have made for hostess gifts. You can make at least one set in an evening . . . and if you have someone helping turn the finished coaster you can get several sets made.

Penny says that you may share this pattern with your friends, but please keep the instructions complete when you pass them on.

Cut 6 - 5" squares from different fabrics or 3 each from 2 different fabrics.

Fold 4 of the squares in half (2 each of the 2 different fabrics) right side out, and press the fold.

Layer the two remaining squares wrong sides together (optional place a 5" square of cotton batting between the fabrics) and then:

It should look like a four patch:

Penny's Diagram 2


The extension of the fabric is shown for perspective on the way the fabrics are laid out. Do not extend your fabrics

Sew a 1/4" seam along all outer edges. Nub the corners. Through the hole in the middle (this will become very clear when you have a stitched coaster in front of you) turn the coaster outside out. Using a point turner (or, alternatively, the point of a pair of scissors), push out the corners.

Voila! a coaster!

A Variation

Another alternative for the layout of these coasters is to use all of the same measurements shown above, but fold the fabrics in half along the diagonal and layer them the same way except you are matching raw edges on two sides . . . the finished square will look like a quarter square triangle:

Penny diagram 1


The extension of the fabric is shown for perspective on the way the fabrics are laid out. Do not extend your fabrics

Another Variation

(without a picture)

I shared this pattern with my online quilt guild, QuiltNet, and Wanda C. emailed me to let me know that she follows all of the directions given above for layout, but that instead of stitching the coasters square she has made herself a template and stitches around in a circle and then trims the excess. She turns the coasters as described above, but does not need to worry about corners . . . and most things one uses a coaster for are round anyway!

Thanks Penny! These look like fun.

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