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These are photos sent in by quilters who visit this site of rail fence quilts that they have made - send in yours, too? Add some comments by email to share. email: quilting -at- equilters.com

Lin Gardinor's Quilt - Ontario Canada

Hi Susan,
I have attached a picture of the Rail

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 Fence quilted duvet cover, that I made for my son in England, for Christmas last year... also attached, you will find a picture of the novel back... Son Peter, was the Canadian Superbike Champion a few years ago, so the fabric could not have been more perfect...  :)

As a novice quilter (just about a year now), I found the quilt very easy to do. Upon seeing all the patterns that you suggest, I know now that I certainly could have been far more adventurous. :)

Lin Gardinor  -  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Back of Lin's quilt for her son:

Autumn Fuhrmark's quilt 

Here's a picture of my rail fence blanket.   I made it for my husband who loves the Southwest look.

It was a hit - he loves it!

Autumn Fuhrmark  (Arizona)

[note from Susan: the kokopelli figures in the border fabric! Great for a Southwest theme.]


Here are 20 sample rail fence quilt layouts  

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Susan Druding

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