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These are photos sent in by quilters who visit this site of rail fence quilts that they have made - send in yours, too? Add some comments by email to share. Send to quilting -at- equilters.com

from Denise Emerson - Lafayette, LA

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I am a Foster Parent and after the girls have been with us for a few months we start on a quilt for them. I have found the Rail Fence Quilt is the best for the girls to do with me it allows easy construction and Beautiful results.

This Quilt was made for Nionna, holding the quilt in the photo. She chose dark colors and I always let them decide on the colors with little input from me.

The colors on this quilt are Dark Blue with tiny Flowers, a Forest Green and a Solid Purple The picture does not do the quilt justice it just turned out beautiful when done.

Denise Emerson
Lafayette, LA





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