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These are photos sent in by quilters who visit this site of rail fence quilts that they have made - send in yours, too? Add some comments by email to share. Send to quilting -at- equilters.com


from Suzy-Q, Billings, Montana

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Sara's Quilt
by Cindy DeCesare - Eden Prairie, MN

The Rail Fence quilt in the photo, was a quilt I made last year, for my Granddaughter, Sara. The label was made by machine embroidery, directly onto the quilt back. The Rail Fence pattern was a good choice for me, a novice quilter.

The label, on the back of the quilt was embroidered, by machine, using a Janome 9000 embroidery sewing machine. I used one of the Janome design cards to embroider the rainbow, and the lettering for her name, my signature and the date I finished the quilt.

Purple happened to be Sara's favorite color. Even the rainbow was made
with different shades of purple.

The Quilter's Nuggets e-mail is so full of useful information, that it
has inspired me to quilt more, and to plan out new projects. I need to
add, that it has also expanded my Quilting Folder to overflowing.


Here are 20 sample rail fence quilt layouts  

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Susan Druding

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