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These are photos sent in by quilters who visit this site of rail fence quilts that they have made - send in yours, too? Add some comments by email to share. Send to quilting -at- equilters.com

Beverly Hilton - Pembroke Pines, Florida

My first two quilts were rail fence quilts, the first for my son and second for my daughter. Their stories are contained in the two labels. I made pillows that went with my son's quilt, but no photos were taken. A photo of the pillows that went with my daughter's quilt are attached. 

Also, here is a sewing / quilting tip:

Here's a sewing tip from Beverley Hilton: "For several years now I've kept one of my favorite scented votive candles (the soft type that comes in its own container -- apple cider is my favorite) close by. I stick the business end of my needles into the soft candle wax. It keeps the needles rust-free and lubricated, which of course makes them work better, and it keeps the sewing room smelling great!"

Beverley Hilton, CPRC
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Below is son, Pat's quilt, then a close-up and the label

Below is daughter Pam's quilt
and below is a detail of it, plus coordinated pillows and the label.


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