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"Wedge Pinwheel" Block
an easy paper foundation pieced block

March - BOM #11

This "Wedge Pinwheel #11" block is 1/4 of the finished block and pieced in one unit. It can be used alone as a block repeated in a quilt. But, most choose to combine 4 of them to make a new, larger block.  It can be rotated to have a lot of different looks when the 4 units are used to form the complete block. Another fun variation is to use the paper foundation in a mirror image and combine 2 regular 1/4 units and 2 mirror image 1/4 units. The look of the final block changes drastically with this simple change. For that reason I'm including both a regular AND a mirror image for you in the foundation patterns.

Since this 1/4 block is made in one unit it makes it easy to sew. I intended this unit to be 4" (with 1/4" seam added) unsewn so the finished blocks are 8" sewn. But, feel free make the block any size you wish. If you are new to paper piecing - make this 6" sewn (6.5" unsewn) and your finished block will be 12" sewn. For the wall quilt versions, you could make the 1/4 blocks even larger, 8" or so.

Use a copy machine to adjust the size after you print out the block from these web pages.

Below are just a few of the block variations possible with this "BOM Block #11" combined to form a larger block.


Using just one "BOM 11" or Combining 2 Mirror Image versions?

Below are two sets of blocks made with just one of the 1/4 units repeated 4 times - no mirror image pair used. In the top block the points face "out" and in the 2nd block the points face "in" toward the center.

Now see below how different the blocks look where 2 each of the regular and the mirror image 1/4 units squares are used to form the final block. Again, points "out" in the first block and points "in" for the 2nd block.

You'll be able to see both these layouts used in the 14 sample quilts - see the link below.

Here are the two paper pieced block units

Here are 14 Sample Quilt top layouts 
using BOM #11 in many different colorways

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Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

copyright 2001-2005 Susan C. Druding