"Paper Pinwheel" Block
a very easy block to sew

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mini paper pinwheel block BOM        

April -  BOM #12 - the last in the series of 12

This block can be made in a range of sizes. Larger sizes are easier to handle if you are new to quilting or teaching someone to quilt. For beginners, or for a very quick quilt, make the block 12 inches. For a quilt that will use more blocks, but be a little smaller scale try an 8" block. Since this Paper Pinwheel block is a 4 x 4 unit block, choosing a size divisible by 4 is easier to make. Remember, the unsewn size of the block will be 1/2" larger for seam allowances.

I have included an extra page of assembly tips if you are new to quilting and need help planning how to make and assemble this pinwheel block. Click HERE to see this assembly steps page.

Here is the block in outline with no fabrics showing. It is made from 4 half square triangles (HSTs) and 10 squares. Easy! Cutting  each of these squares 2.5" will give an 8" block finished size, while cutting them 3.5" will give a finished block of 12". You'll find an article on the quick methods for making your HSTs here.

paper pinwheel block outline

The center pinwheel can be the only are emphasized with all the rest being background fabric as shown below at the top.

sample colorway emphasizing just the center pinwheel

Or, the extra squares at the edge can be in a different fabric (or fabrics) which will show up as a new 2ndary pattern in the assembled quilt as shown below with the 4 blue squares. (You can see this effect in some of the sample quilt top layouts here).

sample fabrics set in paper pinwheel block

Here is a page of Assembly information for making this block 

Here are some Sample Quilt top layouts 
using BOM #12 in many different colorways

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Quilt blocks images were prepared with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.
2001 Susan C. Druding

Susan Druding

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