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Pinwheel Block of the Month Series

"Susan's Pinwheel" Block #9
a paper foundation pieced block

January - BOM #9

I designed this "Pinwheel #9" block as a 1/4 block and it can be rotated to have a lot of different looks. This is a paper foundation pieced block assembled in 2 sections and is not difficult. Each unit is 4.5" unsewn so the finished blocks are 8" sewn

   By putting the 4 units together you can make a final block that has the points going either:

OUT like this:


IN like this:

Then you can assemble them into larger units that might look like this:
(with some plain fabric between them)
Here is a quilt top arranged this way.

Other ways to use these quarter blocks is to twist and turn them and not use them to form pinwheels or stars, but to use them as blocks themselves. This can result in some very interesting quilts. Here are some sections:


You'll see all the above and more arrangements used in the sample quilts.

One last block, just below, I used to design what I call an "Alien Invasion Quilt":

Here's more about the pattern for the Block  

Here are 13 Sample Quilt top layouts 
using BOM#9 in many different colorways

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Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.

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